Commission Info

This information applies to commissions for personal use. For business and commercial commissions please reach out via email.

Commission Queue

Commissions Booked via DM or Email

Terms of Service

  • Payments through Paypal or Square invoices only
  • All invoices will be made in USD
  • Commission will begin once payment is received
  • I have the right to refuse or cancel any commission or request for any reason.
  • Refunds only available during sketch phase, sketch only commissions are not refundable
  • If no services are preformed then clients are entitled to a full refund after contacting the artist.
  • Major edits or revisions to a commission may only be made in the sketch phase and could be subject to additional fees
  • Clients will receive updates during sketch phase for approval and revision, with the exception of sketch only commissions.
  • Complex designs may be subject to additional fees.
  • Use: Commissions are not for commercial use unless otherwise agreed upon by artist and client. This includes selling prints or other merchandise using any part of my work.
  • I retain all licensing rights to artwork completed for personal use
  • Personal commissions are not to be repurposed for logos or advertisement purposes unless otherwise agreed upon prior.
  • Do not claim my artwork as your own
  • I retain the right to post your commission unless otherwise requested. This includes social media, portfolios, example sheets, etc.
  • I retain the right to use your commission in merchandise including prints unless otherwise agreed upon prior.
  • Clients may re-post their commission. It is for personal, private use including: icons, profile images, forum signatures, additions to personal galleries, printouts for the client, etc. Limited alterations of the artwork, such as cropping or adding text, are permitted as long as it’s for your personal use.
  • Any commission is not to be used as an NFT
  • You do not have my permission to train, validate or test a neural network on my art. This includes AI websites/projects, datasets, training, etc.
  • You will receive a high quality PNG file of the finished commission. It may have the artist's signature for the customer and/or a watermark. Removal of signature/watermark without artist permission will result in termination of further contracts or services.

Terms may be added or changed at anytime. Last Updated: 10/17/2023